5 Deadly Myths about Women Entrepreneurs we should Debunk

No one can deny the bright presence of women in the sphere of business and commerce. Today they are running big brands. They are not only entrepreneurs but innovators. Still, today’s women are subject to some age-old myths that had been inflicted upon our mothers and grand-mothers long ago. This is high time these myths should be debunked. Let’s have … Continued

6 Tips to Get Back Motivation When You’re Depressed

Every entrepreneur goes through a tough time. It is not unlikely to get depressed in such circumstances and you are not alone on this planet who is suffering from depression. It ruins motivation and focus. Then, how can you get back your motivation? First of all, you should need to understand that depression is absolutely normal. At certain critical juncture … Continued

5 Constructive Habits to be a Successful Woman Entrepreneur

If you really want a much better chance for your business of thriving in the future, you need to grow some essential habits that have been empowering a number of woman entrepreneurs across the globe. Without further ado, let’s explore the five habits that can shape the future of your business: Learn to Give Up Some Control Honestly speaking, we … Continued

6 Ways to Discover What you are supposed to do with Your Life

Sometimes, more or less we all try to find out the purpose of our life. At such moments, often people wonder- what are they supposed to do with their lives? If you are one of these people who is frantically in search of the passion that can give your life a meaning, follow the 6 ways discussed below. Grow Curiosity … Continued

Let’s Be a Child Again to Achieve Big Dream

Children are always happy in their own world; they are always charged by the positive vibes. They are courageous enough to dream big and able to believe that everything is possible. With their imagination, they can turn their sofa into mountains, pencil into the magic wand of Harry Potter. Easily they can turn their ordinary life into a heroic one. … Continued

7 Tips to Say Goodbye to Your Fear of Public Speaking

The term “Public Speaking” can create trauma even in the minds of otherwise confident and self-composed people. Does public speaking make your heart pondering? Then, you are likely to be affected by Glossophobia that is caused by the fear of public speaking. This fear can be a real obstruct to the way of your business to success. Glossophobia is a … Continued

Forget Ego to be a Successful Entrepreneur

The success of your business will depend on your decision-making ability and the attitudes you hold to a great extent. Therefore, it is really important to leave your ego before riding on the wild ride named business. This article has listed six tips that can help you bypass your ego to thrive in the business world. Discard the “Take Charge” … Continued

Start Your Business with Courage – It’s Not that Scary

India is getting a number of successful business entrepreneurs out of which only a few entrepreneurs are women. No one can deny that launching a business is a daunting task, but it is not impossible. Earlier, Indian women were afraid of coming out of their homes. Now, the scenario has been changed. Women are now more advanced in our country. … Continued