Women Entrepreneurs, Don’t Dream about Success, Let’s Work for it!

Gender has got nothing to do with the talent

Every human being is blessed with certain potentials. But when it comes about women, how many of them are aware of the potential hidden within them?  They need to realize and nourish their skills. With the proper guidance and inspiration, they are sure to emerge as confident, successful, and wise entrepreneurs. Women entrepreneurs should be empowered with inner-strength and ability to leave their footprints in the world of business. If you, too, want to break the notion “women should better off staying indoors”, this is the right place for you. We help women establish a successful business and maintain the success throughout their career.



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Why We Started this Venture?

The need to improve the status of the woman globally as well as to promote the women’s development has become an issue for everyone.

Moreover, the economic analyses indicate that low level of training & education and limited access to the available resources as some of the main hindrance of women growth hence limiting the standard of productivity. Therefore, the development of women opportunities is an imperative move, not only to repress women’s equality in the society but also it makes economic sense.

I never had the privilege of studying in great institutions or had the liberty to try out new things as I was a girl child, whatever I know today is because of practical experience through my startup and am proud that I have been running my organisation successfully. I believe in empowering women and hence as a first step have an only women team in my organization.

This initiative is to help aspiring women entrepreneurs get a platform to learn and grow.

Punita Shethia

Our Vision

Our sole aim is to help women entrepreneurs realize their potential and work on their dream. We are here to strengthen and celebrate the power of women and help them conquer the business world.



Our Mission

We set a mission to achieve what we believe. We believe that nothing is impossible for a woman, and if she has the courage to fight for turning her dream into reality, nothing can stop her.



How are we same and different?

Our Core objective is to inspire aspiring women entrepreneurs to chase success. We want to do it a bit differently.

Our Online shopping portal will only sell and promote products handmade by women artisans opening doors for them to promote and sell their products. While all our knowledge sharing stuff like discussion Forum, Useful links, blogs would not be all-women. As we firmly believe that confining this to an all- women stuff would limit the support system as the majority of the people who have experience in building businesses are men and to make this a strong knowledge platform to learn and grow it needs to be gender-neutral.

We want this platform to encourage interactions where women are present as peers.